“Morning Blue” Continued {Charlotte Photographer}

Reason #3 I always carry my camera. I refuse to stop counting now that I realize how rewarding it is to carry my camera everywhere. It’s almost like an extension of me at this point. (An extension that, might I add, is extremely heavy. I guess now I have an argument to get regular massages – eh hem, Corey.) {See Reason #1 | See Reason #2}

Remember the “Happy Accident” with the blue fog. Well I’m taking that accident and giving it purpose. (BTW – I’m working on getting this file online for you to order prints because I have had a couple of people ask me already about it. Which is the greatest compliment a photographer can get.) In the mean time, I’m using the accidental settings to capture more “Morning Blue”. Below the ‘Blue’ I have included a couple additional images from the same day only driving home from work instead.


Morning Blue, Kasey Loftin Photography

Early Evening:

Dusk, Kasey Loftin Photography

Power Lines at Sunset, Kasey Loftin Photography

Sunset, Kasey Loftin Photography