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Welcome to The Dive Lab. Where I share all the lessons I've learned. Not gonna lie, I made A LOT of mistakes when I first started my business 11 years ago. There are things that have taken me years and years to learn like how to word an email to be professional without being cold, or how to organize my files so I can always find them.


Not every part of owning a business is glamorous. Most small businesses fail within the first few years. If I had to guess why, it would include a lot of business operations issues. It may not be fun, but it has to get done. And if you're the only employee, there is no one else to do it for you.


While google can be your friend, when you need a good brainstorming session, having another person contribute to the conversation is... well you know, two heads are better than one.


Successful businesses take WORK. Streamlining through organizational habits can make that back-end work way easier and having someone to weigh in on ideas can build confidence and excitement.


I would love to help you. >>>

Starting a business by yourself is tough. I’m not going to lie by omission or outright say it isn’t.

Yes, it’s also exciting, rewarding, etc. and you should absolutely go for it. You CAN do this. But, it’s hard. There are many challenges. For instance, there’s no one around to brainstorm, edit or contribute new ideas. When you are sick, there’s no one filling in for you to keep everything on track. Your tech support is you, google and your domain host. Most of the time, you don’t know what you don’t know. But, what if you had someone you could call?

What if you had a mentor/creative director/copy editor/COO-type person you could reach out to on a regular basis?

I’m launching Brand Strategy Sessions. These mentoring calls are typically 60 minutes. And you can ask me anything! So write down all your questions in between our discussions so we can maximize our time together. Questions can be anywhere from social media strategy to organizing your email, from time saving tips to building solid processes/habits that will create an opportunity to grow efficiently. Sessions are $150/hr individually however, ongoing sessions start at $75. I’d love to hear a little more and customize a mentoring program for you!

Are you ready to get serious? Are you ready to work for it? I can help you get organized, ramp up your presence on free online platforms, and market yourself. Reach out and let’s get started!

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