Early Morning Fog {Photos}

If you happened to be driving on 485 near Northlake Mall in Charlotte yesterday and saw some crazy woman on the side of the road taking pictures, that was me. I’ve always been the kind of person that sees something really cool and thinks “I wish I had my camera”. Well recently, I haven’t been leaving the house without it. You just never know. In the last couple of weeks, this is the second time it has paid off. The first time, I happened to catch a bundle of balloons trapped in a tree at the end of my street.

So back to the 485 story. I was driving into work yesterday with my camera chillin’ in the passenger seat when I noticed the fog on 485. I wanted to pull over so bad but was kind of worried about getting in trouble (I don’t think you are supposed to pull over on the highway unless it’s an emergency). Eventually I threw caution to the wind. I really love the pictures I got from it, so I thought I would share.

Keep in mind: these images are not edited. These are SOOC (straight out of the camera) with exception to me adding my watermark. The first one is what happened, a happy accident really, when I started shooting without realizing I still had my custom white balance set for indoor shooting. The ‘oops’ came out pretty awesome.

Blue Fog Photo, Kasey Loftin Photography

Fog Photo, Kasey Loftin Photography

Beautiful fog photo, Kasey Loftin Photography

Happy Wednesday!