rustic, industrial wedding of philip + katie

i met katie, what feels like, forever ago! it was just her and me in starbucks, drinking coffee and talking about weddings and photography. i think we sat there for something like two hours. we instantly clicked. i was so excited they chose me to be their photographer for their wedding; i just knew it...

sarah + robby | in love

rustic huntersville engagement photos, kasey loftin photography

last year was a blur. i barely blogged at all. and there are a TON of people in love and weddings that i still plan to show you at some point. last weekend sarah + robby got married and it was so beautiful. they way they just genuinely love one another and get lost in...

ryan + charlotte | intimate daveste vineyard wedding

vineyard wedding photography, kasey loftin photography

it feels like forever ago that i met ryan + charlotte. a lot can happen, change, or evolve over time. so when i first sit down with couples about their wedding + what they ultimately see for their day, i listen with the knowledge that any of it can change between that moment + their actual wedding...

the house that built me

bridal session on a farm, kasey loftin photography

mama cut out pictures of houses for years. From ‘Better Homes and Garden’ magazines. Plans were drawn, concrete poured, and nail by nail and board by board Daddy gave life to mama’s dream. I thought if I could touch this place or feel it this brokenness inside me might start healing. Out here its like I’m someone else, I thought that maybe I...

a break from dancing

real + rustic + romantic wedding photographer, kasey loftin photography

i walked outside with kellie toward the end of her reception so we could get some cool air and a break from the dance floor. i quickly snapped a few shots with the settings i was using for dancing, just for fun. it pretty much did exactly what i hoped. cheers to taking chances.