the first frame

i’m becoming obsessed with this idea of the first frame
and it’s importance
what it says about my photographic voice

for me the first frame is like a marker. it’s a piece of tape to let me know where i started.
what the room felt like, how the light introduced itself.
what the scene tells me about the story of what happened before i arrived and disturbed it’s honesty.

i would prefer to never influence the way a day unfolds. but, no matter how much one tries to avoid disrupting their surroundings, their presence shifts the balance.
even if nothing else, just having someone in the room pointing a camera at you, changes the air.

those who are able to tune me out can truly live in the moment.
they can remember the entire reason we met in the first place…
…to document and preserve this moment in their life.

it’s the entire reason i want to slip myself into one of their routines.
i say that in the best sort of way.

i want to make people think about what’s important to them.
make them find beauty in the moment.
i want them to slow down, for one day
one hour
one minute
and remember why we’re here together in this moment
in this world
in this life
and be happy.

nothing else.

i want to photograph people and moments where all the little things that weigh down our soul on a daily basis are completely swept away, ignored, and let go.
people who, whether my camera is pointed at them or not – no matter what, they are the same person.

so the first frame for me is always an establishing shot.
it has purpose.
it’s my jumping off point to tell someone’s story.

a few first frames of as lately:

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