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You probably already guessed I'm a creative person. I'm a photographer and graphic designer, with experience in marketing, who loves a good brainstorming session. But I'm a lot of other things too. Here are a few random things that might tell you a lot.


…trust God.
…have a crazy little man who stole my heart the first time I heard his heartbeat. I call him E.
…love my husband, my rock, Corey.
…have three other males in the house: Bo (Manx cat), Blu (half Aussie/half Dachshund with blue and brown eyes), and Biscuit (A stray tabby who sat under my car after a session because he had decided he was coming home with me). We had a boxer named Roxy for 10 years and I can’t NOT mention her.
…believe board games with the family and then popcorn and a movie sounds like the perfect night.
…could eat sushi every day.
…like putting together IKEA furniture.
…buy every book I want to read, preferably hardbacks if they’re available.
…think the book is always better.
…would choose cheesecake over any other desert.
…have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design.
…think driving a five-speed is something everyone should learn to do.
…love fast cars, especially old ones with wide tires and loud engines.
…find the smell of gas, burning rubber, and Christmas trees intoxicating.
…am willing to forgive anyone for anything if their apology is genuine.
…try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, even when they might not deserve it.
…always look for a silver lining.
…don’t think everyone should get a trophy.
…am willing to tell people the truth when other people won’t – but only if they really want to hear it.
…am a total kid at heart.
…think the little things are the big things.
…pray every night.
…would rather have a clean soul than a clean house.
…approach every situation with the mindset that after I look at it, maybe I should look at it differently.
…have the loudest, most unique, craziest family I know and I wouldn’t change it for the world.
…think disappointment is a part of life and the sooner we teach our kids that, the better off they’ll be.
…have five tattoos and am currently planning my sixth (probably of Roxy).
…think everyone should celebrate what is unique about them – good or bad.
…believe weird is normal and normal is weird.
…dance when no one’s watching… or when they are… whatever.
…love a good laugh.
…cry when I’m happy, sad, angry, you name it.
…am more likely to spend money on technology than clothes.
…couldn’t live without music.
…will answer my phone at 3am and be in the car in 5 minutes if someone I love needs me.
…would rather you be honest and imperfect than anything else.
…will always want to know people better.


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