Ireland Adventure and Intimate Wedding

This blog post will be a little different for me. Typically I stick to telling the story of the couple. But Ireland was different. Megan and Mike were different. The whole adventure that ensued was incredible. Over 5000 pictures taken. Over 80 videos created. Not to mention the photos on our phones. On Sunday May 21, 2017 my sister Kim and I got on our first flight to Ireland. Not before having my hair braided by an older gentleman whose fingers were still sticky from licking the cinnamon bun icing from them. Yes, that’s true. And yes, we have it on video. Kim and I are actually talking about starting a YouTube channel and publishing the videos. When I say “talk” I mean laugh and joke and make up names for this hypothetical channel and sometimes I can’t tell if we are kidding or serious. Or both.

The views you see of a front lawn in the first images as well as at the wedding are from the Loch Lein Country House Hotel, Fossa, Killarney. The most incredible place I’ve ever stayed. Our first night in Ireland and we were already drinking Killarney Blonde on the couch laughing with this awesome crew. There’s something about collectively experiencing something with a group of people. It’s why I love to travel for weddings. I get to know everyone on a more honest level. Especially when you find yourself laughing within minutes of meeting them.

I’ll NEVER forget this trip as long as I live. Connecting with far off places changes you, and every trip is different. But this trip… this trip is unparalleled. My world is forever altered.

I have so much more and I can’t even wrap my head around how I want to share it. But I cannot put off publishing this wedding any longer. Today is the Speakmans’ first anniversary and I can’t think of a better way to reminisce celebrate them.

Just know, I literally just picked my favorite photos. It’s a lot. But it’s what I really want to share. So I’m ignoring every voice other than my own inside my head and hitting publish.

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