One of those nights. With Bo + Dan.

Bo and Dan. I pretty much love them. They found me through an awesome wedding planner in Charlotte, Erica Stawick Events. Erica is top notch. She was the planner for my best friend’s wedding. There were 22 attendants in that wedding. 22! And we aren’t a tame bunch. So if she could handle us, she can handle anything! Not to mention that was about 7 years ago so she’s only gotten better.

But back to Bo + Dan. We originally had a different location planned and we made pretty much a game time decision to move the shoot to where these two met, Olde Providence Elementary School in Charlotte. I use “met” loosely, because let’s be real, they were young bucks. They didn’t re-meet until many years later online.

Dan proposed at this school in an outdoor classroom in the woods. So we wandered around the property and laughed A LOT. I take pinterest poses and images with a grain of salt. A lot of what you see there is either 1) a styled shoot or 2) insanely overdone. I discourage any attempt to “recreate” images. But when I am at a session with a couple and they do anything goofy or downright cheesy, as long as it’s 100% who they are, I’m DOWN! I say this because you’re going to see some fun stuff in these photos. I chose to share them because Bo and Dan are two in a million. I want you to see them for who they are, because I think you’ll love them too. So here are some favorites!

Also, they are getting married on my wedding anniversary and I can’t think of two better people to share my day with and celebrate!!!