kid at heart

It’s what I am.
It’s what I hope others are.
Because it’s the part of everyone with which I am able to sympathize.
It’s the most real.

It’s what I dare you to be.

Don’t get me wrong, I love photographing families no matter what brought them into my life.
I love finding out who they are in the time I get to spend with them.
The longer I spend with all these beautiful families of silver and gold
the more I discover about where I see my career taking me.

Career. I know.
What a serious, business-y word.

I can’t say it’s my job.
The word “job” does not imply any level of attachment beyond financial gain. By definition it means to simply sustain income through employment.

So that leaves me with “career.”

which has nothing to do with who holds you accountable, whether it’s someone else or yourself.
it represents a field of interest, attention, and study.
but sometimes if you are willing to be bold, honest and authentic it can be something for which you also have passion.

and i’m one of those people. and while i want to think i’m brave, that’s not how i see myself.
i’m terrified and broken but i’m also optimistic and asking for grace.

i want to cast light on the moments that i believe matter most.
i want to keep scratching the surface of who a family is while i photograph them.
i want to slowly peel back the stuff everyone sees that is also beautiful in its own way, to expose the part of us that lives without fear and responsibility and regret.

so i’m daring my families from now on to tap into their kid at heart and just have fun with me for a bit.
i’ll ask questions but they aren’t to force you into a moment that isn’t real, they are to figure out what excites you. what makes you happy, comfortable, fulfilled and humbled.
so we don’t have to follow some blueprint for your photos. it’s more like the big book idea Josh Banks had. where the story starts one way but the outcome is unique to you.





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