Backyard Sessions Frequently Asked Questions

You probably have a couple of questions at least! I find the same ones come up a lot. But definitely let me know if you don’t see your question answered here! Every family, home, backyard, dynamic, and situation is different. So EMAIL ME if you have another question!

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What time is best for light?

There are a TON of factors, but if I had to generalize, think of your session ending right at sunset and work backwards depending on the length of time we are together. For example: sunset is 8:00pm and your session is 2 hours, we’d want to start by 6pm at the LATEST. I would actually probably schedule you for 5:30pm if we could.

Is it only for backyards?

No! The idea is that your backyard is somewhere you spend a lot of time. It’s somewhere you feel close to as a family probably. Backyard Sessions are all about documenting something true for your family in this season of your lives.

If you want me to come over while your little one is learning to ride their bike, I’M IN! If that is fishing with you at a nearby lake, let’s go do that! It could be your afternoon nap-time routine of a bubble bath, snack on the couch and reading books before rocking your little one to sleep. The goal is for us to capture real memories of who you are as a family in a place that means something.

What should we wear?

I want you to think about how uncomfortable you feel when you have to dress up in something you wouldn’t normally wear. Think about the kind of mood it puts you in immediately. Let’s not do that.

Now think about what you love to wear, what makes you feel confident and comfortable and yourself. So maybe wear what you would wear if you were going on a date. Or what you would wear fishing, camping, hiking, bike riding, reading books on a blanket in the backyard, making popcorn and watching a movie. If that is pajamas, it’s pajamas! If you want to rock some jeans and a t-shirt in your bare feet, cool.

Coordinating colors… pick ONE base color (black / brown / navy) and use that ONE color as your starting point for everyone.

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